Senior Motor Design Engineer

Company Overview

The airline industry is currently facing difficult challenges, both environmentally and economically. Globally, air travel has a higher five-year impact on climate change than all cars worldwide combined. Airlines depend on cutthroat commodity dynamics, and almost all legacy airlines have filed for some form of bankruptcy. Electric propulsion offers an opportunity to capitalize on the largest aviation innovation since the jet engine to combat climate change and increase revenue for airlines. At DuXion, we are building a unique electric propulsion system designed specifically for aircraft. We are creating a direct drive ducted fan propulsion system which possesses numerous benefits over existing solutions such as a high power to weight ratio, industry-leading efficiency, reliability, scalability, and adaptability.

DuXion has built its first system and successfully tested it in 2017. The team is now preparing to build a full-scale prototype in partnership with a major aviation company. The detailed design process of this unit has begun and a prototype will be developed in the coming months.

The Role

DuXion is looking for an experienced and passionate individual to join our engineering team as a Thermal Systems Engineer. The person will be responsible for leading analysis, design and development of electric motors for the DuXion’s electric propulsion technology.


  • Design optimization of the overall motor topology

  • Electromagnetic performance analysis of the motor

  • Design of stator windings for improved heat transfer, lower cogging torque, and higher slot fill factor

  • Design optimization to reduce the consumption of rare earth magnetic materials

  • Multi-objective optimization of the electric motor drive in collaboration with the mechanical systems team

  • Develop a test bench for the motor drive in collaboration with other team members


  • M. Eng. in Electrical Engineering

  • Expert in high-speed permanent magnet traction motor/turbogenerator design

  • Extensive experience in multiphysics design optimization of electric motor drives

  • Familiar with electric motor drive standards such as NEMA, IEEE, IEC, etc.

  • Expert in FEA software such as ANSYS Maxwell /Altair Flux /Motor-CAD and others

  • Experience in motor manufacturing and testing

  • Familiar with composite magnetic and non-magnetic materials

The following experiences are also highly valued:

  • 8+ years Industrial Experience in Electric Machine Design

  • 2+ years Experience in Leading a Design Team

  • Experience in Aerospace Motor Design

  • Ph.D. with specialization in Electric Machine Design and Optimization

Joining the Team

DuXion is a young, but passionate team, that is looking to add driven and experienced people to our team in order to be competitive on a global scale and execute developments with industry leaders. We are offering lucrative compensation in terms of salary as well as equity for the right fit to help drive DuXion’s vision of sustainable aviation.


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