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Accelerating Electric Travel

Our patented eJet Motor enables jet owners and OEMs to hybridize their existing fleets more quickly and economically.

The time to reduce the world’s carbon emissions is now.

Worldwide, there are over 30,000 jet-powered aircraft that rely solely on fossil fuels. Imagine a solution that allows these aircraft to easily transition to electric hybrid, reduce their carbon footprint and increase their flight range.


That’s where Duxion’s patented eJet Motor comes in.

A Complete Solution

Our eJet Motor can be easily configured as a hybrid solution with existing jet engines or as full electric propulsion.

Uniquely Scalable

Our eJet Motor integrates with a wide range of aircraft types and becomes more efficient as it scales to larger aircraft.

Operational Savings

Increased fuel efficiency and lower maintenance costs due to our novel hybridized flight cycle and lower engine operating temperatures.

A Carbon Killer

As available power sources mature, our hybrid engines can be upgraded to our full electric motor solution, eliminating emissions completely.

Successful Ground Test of Duxion's Patented eJet Motor

In May 2023, the Duxion Motors team completed a successful ground test of its revolutionary, patented electric jet propulsion motor at Summerside, PEI, Canada. After years of research and development, this successful test means a profound step forward for green technology in the aerospace industry.


The world’s first patented electric jet motor of its kind.

Our eJet Motor is revolutionary due to its industry-leading power-to-thrust ratio  and compact design. This highly disruptive technology is a major breakthrough for the aviation industry because it means jet owners and OEMs can now hybridize their aircraft and engines without having to alter their existing jet engine footprint.

Our patented technology consists of a rim-driven motor, as opposed to shaft-driven, allowing maximum mass airflow for any given motor size. Another inherent benefit of the rim-driven motor design are double-ended fan blades that allow for ultra-quiet operation. Due to its simple and elegant design, maintenance costs are less than 10% of a traditional jet engine.


We’re passionate about enabling the transition to electric travel today.
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