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Our Mission

To electrify transportation by creating cost-effective and scalable propulsion solutions.

Founded in 2017, Duxion Motors Inc. is an advanced motor design and manufacturing company developing high power density electric propulsion systems for aviation and marine industries.


Our engineers have developed powerful scalable electric drives that accelerate the transition to emission free electric transportation. Our patented eJet™ Motor enables jet owners and OEMs to hybridize or fully electrify their existing fleets more quickly and economically.

Our Focus

The automotive industry has made major strides towards the goal of sustainable transportation, while the aviation industry lags behind. One of the major limitations causing this lag is a lack of high power, lightweight electric propulsion.

Duxion solves this problem with next generation hybrid and full electric propulsion systems which have a wide range of applications, including:

  • Jet Aircraft

  • Large Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)

  • Vertical Takeoff and Landing Aircraft (VTOL)

  • Marine Vessels

Our Values

We’re more than just motors — we’re the rebirth of electric transportation.

Integrity: Doing the right thing
Innovation: Pushing boundaries
Advancement: Expanding electric travel solutions
Stewardship: Protecting the environment
Respect: Treating others how we would like to be treated
Our Goals
Reduce Fuel Consumption
Reduce Maintenance Costs
Slash Emissions
Improve Reliability
Board & Executive Management
Ricks face.png
Rick Pilgrim

Chairman & CEO

Rick is a well-rounded leader with deep rooted experience in developing technology-based companies. Most recently, he developed and led a start up in the drilling technology space, QuickSilver Technologies LLC, focused on developing a proprietary drilling technology that was sold to the world’s largest offshore drilling contractor.

Previously, he was Vice President (Engineering) Letourneau Technologies Inc., a design and manufacturing division of Rowan Companies, Inc. (NYSE: RDC). Where the management team was tasked with monetizing the company. Joy Global Inc. (NASDAQ: JOYG), purchased LeTourneau from Rowan for $1.1 billion.

Earlier in his career, Rick was manager of corporate engineering for Ensco PLC and held various roles during his 16 years with Schlumberger (NYSE: SLB) in operations, capital project and engineering. He spent 5 years in aircraft operations in the Royal Canadian Airforce. Rick holds multiple patents and has a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering.

Rabbi's face.png
Dr. Sheikh Rabbi

Director & Technical Fellow

Rabbi is an electrical engineer with 9 years’ experience in electric machine design, power electronics, and control systems development for high-speed pumps and compressors. His passion and dedication to the research and development of new technologies have led him to pursue Duxion Motors in 2017.

Rabbi's research on electric machines have been published in over 35 papers including multiple IEEE Transaction Papers, and are featured in prestigious NOIA News magazine and World Oil magazine.

Richard Roper

Director & COO


Richard is a naval architect with over 27 years’ experience in engineering, design, construction and operations in the offshore oil and gas industry. As the former Vice President (Engineering) at Valaris plc, the world’s largest offshore drilling contractor, Richard has overseen a variety of projects and has demonstrated his passion about innovation in the offshore oil and gas industry by campaigning and driving the development of novel technologies. 


Richard holds numerous patents in marine and offshore oil and gas industries. He has a B.Sc. in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering from University of New Orleans.

Jason Aspin



Jason is the co-founder and CEO/CTO of Aspin Kemp and Associates (AKA). AKA is a systems integration and technology company creating innovative marine hybridization solutions for over 25 years, including the world’s first hybrid tugboat. In 2018, Jason was inducted into the Prince Edward Island (PEI) Business Hall of fame for outstanding contributions in the technology and marine Industries.


Jason graduated from the Marine Engineering Program at Canadian Coast Guard College in 1987. He holds several patents around hybrid technologies, power systems, and power and propulsion system reliability and efficiency.

Jon Baksht



Jon is a seasoned Chief Financial Officer with global management experience as CFO of an industry leading S&P 500 corporation. His strong strategic focus and capital markets background has resulted in raising over $25 billion of capital and over $50 billion of strategic transactions being closed. In his most recent position as EVP and CFO of Valaris, the world’s largest offshore drilling contractor, Jon led multi-year strategic initiatives to high-grade assets, position the company into key markets, streamline operations and strengthen the balance sheet. Earlier in his career, he worked in investment banking at Goldman Sachs and in management consulting at Accenture. He is an experienced Corporate Director, having served on the Board of ARO Drilling as a committee member and Chairman of the Audit Committee.


Jon is a graduate of the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University where he earned a Master of Business Administration. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Texas at Austin, earning a Bachelor of Science with High Honors in Electrical Engineering.

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