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Split Motor Assembly

For marine companies looking to hybridize their fleet, we have the perfect solution. Our split motor assemblies are modular designs, offering 100 to 300 kilowatt, and are game-changers in the world of marine propulsion.

Hybrid Ships, Clean Oceans

Diesel engines are inefficient and produce harmful emissions. Duxion’s patent-pending technology allows for the hybridization of in-service ships with higher ROI that would otherwise be prohibitively expensive to retrofit.

boat angled view cropped.png
Express Retrofit Solution

Our unique design allows in-service vessels to be retrofitted with hybrid-electric propulsion systems and integrates directly with the ship’s existing hardware. No overhaul of propulsion or power systems required.

Innovative Design

Our motor is designed with a small axial length, reducing weight, inertia, footprint and facilitating easier installation for fast and inexpensive retrofit.

boat front view ps 2_edited copy.png
Efficient Operation

Duxion’s hybrid propulsion solution facilitates longer lifetime and higher efficiency, reducing yearly maintenance costs and boosts reliability.

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