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Duxion Appoints Richard Roper as Director and Chief Operating Officer

February 15, 2023

ST. JOHNS, Newfoundland and Labrador — Duxion Motors today announced that its Board of Directors has appointed Richard Roper as Director and Chief Operating Officer (COO). Mr. Roper is a veteran naval architect & marine engineer with over 27 years’ experience in engineering, design, construction and operations in the offshore oil and gas industry. Mr. Roper has overseen numerous projects valued in the many billions of dollars and has demonstrated a passion for innovation by driving the development of novel technologies.

Mr. Roper holds a B.Sc. in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering from The University of New Orleans and is the named inventor on patents in several different fields.

“Duxion Motors is thrilled to have someone of Richard’s experience and passion join the team as Director and Chief Operating Officer,” says Rick Pilgrim, Chairman and CEO of Duxion Motors. “As the former Vice President of Engineering with the world’s largest offshore drilling contractor, Richard is a sought-after expert. He is deeply familiar with intellectual property development, advancing technologies and projects through to operations, and growing engineering-focused organizations.”

About Duxion

Founded in 2017, Duxion Motors Inc. is an advanced motor design and manufacturing company developing high power density electric propulsion systems for aviation and marine industries. Our engineers have developed powerful scalable electric drives that accelerate the transition to emission free electric transportation. Our patented eJet motor enables jet owners and OEMs to hybridize or fully electrify their existing fleets more quickly and economically.


Rick Pilgrim

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