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Duxion Announces Electric Jet (eJet) Patent

St. Johns, Canada—Duxion Motors today announces that it has been granted a patent for its Electric Jet Motor (eJet).

Duxion has patented its eJet, a permanent magnet motor designed to be used in electric aircraft and emerging transportation systems. The eJet is a lightweight, high power electric propulsion system capable of revolutionizing the space of electric aviation and overcoming a major hurdle that has thus far prevented the aviation industry from electrifying as quickly as other electric vehicles. With no other similar systems on the market, Duxion is poised to be an early industry-disruptor in the space and is eager to break into this $100 billion market.

“We have put a lot of work into making this happen and are glad to finally be able to have the patent in-hand to show for our efforts. We are excited to demonstrate the system’s viability with our upcoming prototype and would like to thank our team for working so hard to get us this far.”, said Rick Pilgrim, CEO of Duxion.

About Duxion

Founded in 2017, Duxion Motors Inc. is an advanced motor design and manufacturing company developing high power density electric propulsion systems for aviation and marine industries. Our engineers have developed powerful scalable electric drives that accelerate the transition to emission free electric transportation. Our patented eJet motor enables jet owners and OEMs to hybridize or fully electrify their existing fleets quickly and economically.


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