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Duxion Announces Hybrid Motor Project with Canada’s Ocean Supercluster

St. Johns, Canada—Duxion Motors today announces its Split PM Hybrid Motor project with Canada’s Ocean Supercluster.

Today, Ocean Supercluster announced four projects, one of which is the Duxion Split PM Hybrid Motor system. This project utilizes advanced permanent magnet motor technology to provide both Canadian and global vessel clients with a propulsion system that reduces not only maintenance and fuel costs, but also GHG emissions and carbon footprint. The Ocean Supercluster will provide the majority of the funding for the project, with the remaining balance coming from project partners.

“We are ecstatic to be granted this project and are grateful to Canada’s Ocean Supercluster for recognizing the value of the technology and expertise of our team. We are also very pleased to be working with Aspin, Kemp & Associates. The Split Hybrid PM will save Canada’s vessel operators in time, fuel, and maintenance costs and will save Canada’s oceans and air in GHG reductions,” said Rick Pilgrim, CEO of Duxion.

About Duxion

Founded in 2017, Duxion Motors Inc. is an advanced motor design and manufacturing company developing high power density electric propulsion systems for aviation and marine industries. Our engineers have developed powerful scalable electric drives that accelerate the transition to emission free electric transportation. Our patent-pending eJet motor enables jet owners and OEMs to hybridize or fully electrify their existing fleets quickly and economically.


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